5 strange Ukrainian customs

Written by Roman Melnyk on 22nd January 2017

Traditions are inalienable part of nation. Ukrainian traditions are one of the most ancient and … Customs are for the nation like the air. As long as young generation remember and keep all traditions, till then live the nation....


3 best music festivals of different styles

Written by Admin on 15th December 2016

Even if summer finally comes, the range of music festivals starts all over the Europe. Lviv and Western Ukraine are the best places to get started. Whether you’re looking for ethno infused Ukrainian rock, mind-warping psychedelic metal, medieval feast...


5 things to buy in Ukraine

Written by Admin on 13th December 2016

Traveling somewhere to the new country we always bring with us not only photos, memories and emotions, but also some souvenirs which are national symbols (as a rule). It is not a problem to buy something you will never...