5 things to buy in Ukraine

Written by Admin on 13th December 2016

Traveling somewhere to the new country we always bring with us not only photos, memories and emotions, but also some souvenirs which are national symbols (as a rule). It is not a problem to buy something you will never use again and later throw it away on the roof to another trash. But actually it’s hard to find something worth buying. If you want a unique thing of a good quality we will help you find real exclusives. During your Ukraine tour pay attention on such things as:

1)National embroidered dress/shirt (vyshyvanka)

But please, don’t go to the souvenir markets, you won’t find anything exclusive: there is a very poor choice of handmade there. Real beauty is hidden in modern show-rooms of Ukrainian designers. They create like a soul of our country, traditions, stylish clothes of different epochs in which every single Ukrainian woman would feel like a queen of whole world, because she is beautiful. They transform it into modern reality and give us the feeling of proud to be Ukrainians, to have our cultural heritage.

Some designers combine modern European and traditional Ukrainian elements, some are fully addicted to the folk style, designing stylized versions of embroidered shirts and embroidered dresses. I would highly recommend you to see Oksana Karavanska eclectic embroidery, or learn ethnic from Roksolana Bogytska or Ksenia Kirieva. Julia Aisina is also well-known designer, who specializes on different dress model, so if you are going to get married – have a look on her fairy masterpieces! And of course, Luba Chernikova with her ethnic style – not only embroidered dresses and shirts, but also coats in which you feel like a duchess.

2) Flowered crown (vynok)

Along with the embroidered dress flowered crown were a part of every girl’s costume. Here, in Ukraine, it is not merely a pretty accessory: the meaning of the wreaths traces back to Ukraine’s early history, when they were associated with virginity, marriage, and womanhood, and have continued to be until the early XX century. Nowadays casual versions of the vinok have popped up as well: It is usual to see women in Kiev wearing a headband embellished with fake flowers during the summer.


3) Glass fused items

The woman from Cherkasy is a master in quite difficult and unpopular in Ukraine, but very beautiful technology fusing. Using this technique she produces bright and unique household items, clocks, dishes, pictures, vases, jewelry etc. Come there and enjoy the beauty of modern art. We are sure that you would be definitely find an exclusive item for your interior! Art glass is a perfect match for various design interiors. Works from glass emphasize modern minimalist design with contrast color solutions, and you can also decorate the interior of your house.

4) Almost Fabergé Egg

This unique technique is based on Ukrainian Easter eggs’ painting. Anatolyj Boiko, also known as ‘Faberge from Volyn‘,  has developed it for three years. It combines the traditions and symbols of many thousands years: from Trypillya to the present days. Modern technology of carving eggshell and cold forging metal with precious stones incrustation. Be sure, it would be an exquisite and picturesque home decoration.

And of course, we couldn’t keep in secret a phenomenon of the Ukrainian ornamental folk art.

5) Petrykivka decorative painting

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine recognized petrykivka painting as a part of intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine. Eventually it was also included to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. After that the renowned painting technique was turned into a brand, and “Petrykivka” logo was created. Now we can see these paintings on different stuff such as clothes, everyday items, paintings and even as decoration for interiors. Just choose anything you like and admire those magical flowers and birds that each have its own meaning, which gives every painted object special significance. Reveal the mysteries of national ethnic code and get the protection from all the misfortunes.

Look at these beautiful clothes –  you will feel posh wearing it. Comfortable and dressy – and you are like star at every party or ceremony!

The patterns are so rich and beautiful that people use them in all spheres of life. Therefore, if you buy Petrykivsky style painted gifts, they will be not only a home decoration, but also a sort of charm, your nonverbal wishes expressed by the elements of the painting. They show all the richness and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture. Their value is beyond any doubt.