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Founded in 18th century as a naval Black Sea fortress for Russian Empire, Odessa now is a cultural pearl and architectural masterpiece of the whole Southern and Eastern Europe. It is filled with Italian, Turkish, French, Russian and Ukrainian architecture, which has been mixed due to the boom of Odessa seaport and quick city development in 19 century. Odessa is the center of Ukrainian Jewish culture which helped to make a city a charming, prosperous and an utterly vibrant place. Today Odessa features not only brilliant urban monuments or exquisite customs, but also a top-level sea nightclubs and highly developed gastronomy culture. Odessa is also a home for Ukrainian naval fleet.

Kyiv – Odesa Sigthseeing Discovery tour

6 days / 5 nights
US $960

Take a trip to one of the oldest and most distinctive cultures of the Europe. Ukraine will welcome you with unusual sights, interesting history, friendly people and an utterly delicious kitchen. Visit the most popular cities – Kyiv and Odesa. Touch, smell and taste our culture. Kyiv will impress you with its big Orthodox monasteries, rare […]

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Odesa tour

6 days / 5 nights
US $445

Sun, Sea and sand – these are the first associations which come to mind to every Ukrainian when asked about Odesa. You will enjoy the southernmost large city of Ukraine, which boasts not only warm weather, but also an outstanding art of urban planning and exclusive diverse culture. You will see the largest stairs in […]

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