Travel Checklist

So you are about to travel to Ukraine and touch its greatness! Here are a few things you need to make sure you crossed out your to-do-list before you get to the transport heading to your destination in Ukraine. Please review our tips and suggestions, which we pt together to help you have a smooth preparing stage.

Ukrainian visa

For most of foreigners except for some regions Ukraine is a visa-free country. Among the largest countries which doesn’t need a visa to enter Ukraine are: European Union, Norway, Switzerland, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Hong Kong and Turkey.
To check your particular country please follow this official link.

If you you need a visa just write us and we will provide you with the most up-to-date information and help you to possess it.

Travel Insurance

We recommend you have medical travel insurance to travel to Ukraine with Touch Ukraine.

You can choose any travel insurance provider, but it’s important that your chosen policy covers all aspects of the trip you’re planning to have.

Getting to Ukraine

You can get by plane to Kyiv from any point of the world either by a direct or a combined flight. Please allow enough time for transfers to and from the airports and be mindful of your accommodation and trip details before booking your flights.

There are also many other airports in Ukraine but they are not so well connected with the world. You can try to find a flight to Lviv or Odesa, if you want to start your trip with this point, but it is usually not so convenient and cheap as to go to Kyiv Boryspil airport.