Amazing Carpathians

Written by Діма Василишин on 06th April 2017

Touch Ukraine through its nature in Carpathians. Feel the difference with exchange rate $1=27UAH. In Ukraine you can afford much more than usual.


Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine

Written by Roman Melnyk on 23rd January 2017

Nature in Ukraine is unique and untouched, with rich flora and fauna. Let’s go to Ukraine and have familiarity with Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine. Such nature gives people quiet, calm and harmony with their inner world. Have a...


3 steps to calm and relax in Carpathians

Written by Roman Melnyk on 19th January 2017

Carpathians are the green lungs of Ukraine. The most beautiful and untouchable nature is here.Open mystery of long life of peasants. Learn our ancient traditions, that our grand-grandparents keep. Feel , smell and touch the nature. We will tell you why...


5 reasons to visit Ukraine – why travel to Ukraine?

Written by Roman Melnyk on 18th January 2017
Air photo of Kiev and its UNESCO St. Sophia Cathedral

Why Ukraine? Here we will provide 5 reasons to visit Ukraine, in order to convince you to open the Eastern Europe undiscovered world for you. Ukraine saved up untouched nature, majestic buildings and kindhearted people. Ukraine will wonder your eyes and...