Feel the rhythm of Ukrainian cities

Written by Діма Василишин on 02nd May 2017

Ukraine is awesome country with a rich history and enchanting places! Each city has its own magic and stories to tell you! Touch the diversity of culture, mix of different epoques, beautiful streets and squares, delisious food and drinks,...


Locals of Carpathians. Hutsuls

Written by Діма Василишин on 29th April 2017

With no doubts – one of the most colorful local miracle is the people themslelves! They are called hutsuls – those who live in mountains. Their lives are full of traditions,that differs from the life you used to live,...


Bukovel resort

Written by Діма Василишин on 28th April 2017

Bukovel, the most popular ski resort in Ukraine welcomes guests from all over the world. The high-level infrastructure as well as the amazing nature around – you feel posh and satisfied every single moment of your tour. Of course,...


Bukovel from the bird’s eye view

Written by Діма Василишин on 26th April 2017

The most popular resort in Ukraine – Bukovel gladly welcomes guests from all over the world. The infrastructure of it is on the very high level as well as the amazing nature around. You will have no regrets if...


Ukraine 360. Carpathians

Written by Діма Василишин on 24th April 2017

The Carpathian Mountains are located in four regions: Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and the part of Chernihiv region. Everywhere you go there – you enjoy this marvelous landscapes, fresh air, relict forests, meadows full of sun and of course, the...


Miracle of Ukraine

Written by Діма Василишин on 23rd April 2017

The Pearl of Ukraine is Carpathians! Incredibly beautiful mountain scenery, fresh air, the depth of Ukrainian folk culture, Hutsulia  and Bukovyna, combining with nature – all this is waiting for you in the Touch Ukraine Carpathian Tours! This part of Western...



Written by Діма Василишин on 21st April 2017

Beautiful scenery of mountains, hight tops, sunny meadows, riers with clean tasty water, sky, seen beneath the trees – enjoy these magical things in our Carpathian tour. TouchUkraine team will gladly help you with everything during your journey to...


The inner beauty of Ukrainian Mountains – Marmarosy

Written by Діма Василишин on 19th April 2017

Untouched forests, sunny meadows, clean and cold waterfalls that looks like a brilliant water flow – nirvana is closer than you think. You can book the magic tour with TouchUkraine


Merry friends in the mountains

Written by Діма Василишин on 17th April 2017

What can be better than summer in mountains? Emotions and days full of adventures shared with friends. Experience the most enjoyable days with a good company and our TouchUkraine guide



Written by Діма Василишин on 15th April 2017

If there is a paradise on the Earth with no doubts its our Carpathians! Touch the wild beauty of nature, climb up to the peaks, try everything yourself and you will never forget the moments spending there!