Special dishes of Ukrainian Cuisine

Written by Roman Melnyk on 22nd January 2017

Ukrainian cuisine is such rich, like culture. All dishes have special content for Ukrainian. We have a lot of traditional plates, but you could hear about such dishes, as varennyky or borshch or holubtsi. Go to Ukrainian culinary tour...


5 reasons to visit Ukraine – why travel to Ukraine?

Written by Roman Melnyk on 18th January 2017
Air photo of Kiev and its UNESCO St. Sophia Cathedral

Why Ukraine? Here we will provide 5 reasons to visit Ukraine, in order to convince you to open the Eastern Europe undiscovered world for you. Ukraine saved up untouched nature, majestic buildings and kindhearted people. Ukraine will wonder your eyes and...


What to do in Lviv in the morning

Written by Admin on 15th December 2016

Lviv wakes up early in the morning and gladly welcomes guests and citizens. It charms you from the first glance and you fall in love immediately! Take a look at the magic architecture of city, at streets full of sunlight,at people...