What to do in Lviv in the morning

Written by Admin on 15th December 2016

Lviv wakes up early in the morning and gladly welcomes guests and citizens. It charms you from the first glance and you fall in love immediately! Take a look at the magic architecture of city, at streets full of sunlight,at people always ready to help and accompany you anytime.

If you come to this eye-catching city early in the morning (or at night)  and nothing is opened yet you can walk slowly around the railway station and look at beautiful platform! It reminds us fantastic 9 3/4 platform from ‘Harry Potter’.

Streets without people, enjoy silence, fresh air, singing of birds. Stop this moment and feel yourself as a part of this magic!

If you walk to the ancient city-center, you would notice my personal ‘must see’, it is situated right on the way from the railway station – Church of St. Olga and Elizabeth – building in Gothic style. The cathedral pierces the sky with sharp spires. Lviv’s guests, arriving at the train station, at first see that high great building. It is one of the most admirable and fascinating monuments and it is rightly considered city’s trademark for over a century.


Get lost somewhere – you have plenty of time for it

If you are in town for the first time, it will be not very difficult. Turn into the first courtyard , explore the nooks and do not think about where it will lead you. Do not let the spirit of adventure leave you. Perhaps you will meet a sweet Lviv granny, who will show you the way back and treat with a couple of town legends, or you will find your love.


Have a lazy breakfast on Rynok Square

Choose any opened restaurant you see or just take coffee-to-go with just backed batch and take a sit on a bench to admire the old buildings of this magnificent place! Rynok Square is Lviv’s very heart, where visitors and locals mingle in a setting fit for a period drama: striking black, pink, yellow, green, brown, and blue facades border the square, hiding whole array of museums, restaurants, and, above all, cafes.


Walk all the way to Vysoky Zamok (High Castle) and see the breathtaking panorama of the city

This is the highest point of Lviv and is one of the most famous attractions for tourists! You will be probably  pleased with your staying there early in the morning. Just imagine: you are alone with nature, birds are singing, fresh air, and picturesque view on the whole city! And no crowds of tourists – #lifehack


Find the Yard of Lost Toys

The Yard of lost toys in Lviv is situated in the area Podzemche at Prince Street Leo 3. This is the usual urban courtyard surrounded by five-story apartment buildings. The area is quite old, the people in it are familiar with each other people. In this relaxed, confidential atmosphere exists the most unusual exhibition in the world – an exhibition of lost toys. Many and many citizens do not even know about that mystic place.

Of course, Lviv always brings adventures and endless fun and after churches, museums, restaurants, shops and other places will be opened, you will get more and more from it! And, please, don’t waste your time on sleep/internet – Lviv is amazing and full of discoveries whenever you go!