5 reasons to visit Ukraine – why travel to Ukraine?

Written by Roman Melnyk on 18th January 2017
Air photo of Kiev and its UNESCO St. Sophia Cathedral

Why Ukraine? Here we will provide 5 reasons to visit Ukraine, in order to convince you to open the Eastern Europe undiscovered world for you. Ukraine saved up untouched nature, majestic buildings and kindhearted people. Ukraine will wonder your eyes and will leave warm memories in your heart. So, let’s take a closer look at our 5 reasons to visit Ukraine list.

  1. Ukrainian World Heritage Sites. (5 reasons to visit Ukraine – #1)

It might sound unbelievable, but Ukraine with 20 years’ history as an independent country has a vast cultural heritage. How many people could imagine that Ukraine can boast some incredible ancient heritage sites like village of Tripoljie which belongs to the culture of 5500 – 2750 B.C.? A curious tourist has to know that this is a tiny part of attractions of Ukraine situated in the heart of Central Europe…

(The cultural and natural sights inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List are must-see attractions for all the visitors of Ukraine. One of the most popular destination is the Ensemble of the Historic Centre in Lviv, with its authentic architecture and cozy atmosphere. If you are visiting Kiev, you can see two UNESCO-protected sites, St. Sophia Cathedral and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Beside these, the House of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans in Chernivtsi is definitely worth visiting.)

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv. 5 reasons to visit Ukraine

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv

St. Sophia Cathedral, built in the first half of the XI century in the center of Kiev, Ukraine. Beauty of the Ukrainian Nature.

2. Ukrainian landscapes. (5 reasons to visit Ukraine – #2)

The diversity of Ukrainian landscape is impressive. If you like mountains, you should visit Carpathians in the Western Ukraine. This area is picturesque; dense forests cover up the mountains, there are many transparent mountain rivers, mineral water springs and babbling waterfalls, the air is fresh and healing. Those tourists who prefer sea resorts should visit Odessa and its modern beaches on the Black sea shore.

Ukraine, Carpathian mountains. Sunrise in mountains Ukraine. 5 reasons to visit Ukraine

Ukraine, Carpathian mountains

3. Ukrainian cuisine. (5 reasons to visit Ukraine – #3)
Ukrainian cuisine is an absolute ‘must taste’! Where in the world you can taste such delicious authentic home-made viands? There a galaxy of the tastiest courses, snacks, soups and drinks: borsch, ‘haluski‘ (tasty noodles), ‘horilka’, pickled vegetables, stuffed goose with apples are only the brightest ‘stars’!
Yet, each region of Ukraine has recipes and foods that are unique to the place. Thus, you can combine sightseeing and gastronomic tours to feel the local color of Ukraine.
a plate of Borsch - most tasteful Ukrainian soup dish. 5 reasons to visit Ukraine

Borsch – most tasteful Ukrainian dish

4. Lviv – culture and culinary. (5 reasons to visit Ukraine – #4)

If you want to touch Ukraine’s fancy traditions and gorgeous past – Lviv is the best option for you. It’s the heart of national culture of Ukrainians, it’s most romantic destination and a bridging point between East and West Europe.

What about culinary? Lviv’s gastronomy has always been a cornerstone of its economics and identity. That is why the rich past of the city were necessarily accompanied by the exquisite pubs and restaurants full of delicious meals.
Our tour will give you a real touch of the best of culture. History and culinary of undiscovered charming Lviv.

Dominican cathedral in Lviv. 5 reasons to visit Ukraine

Dominican cathedral in Lviv

5. Kyiv and Chornobyl Exclusive Zone  (5 reasons to visit Ukraine – #4)

Kyiv is an ancient city located on the banks of mighty Dnipro river, surrounded by picturesque hills, river islands and forests. It’s a religious and cultural center for all Eastern Europe with impressive history and sightseeing points. Kyiv churches, unique museums, gorgeous combination of ancient and Soviet architecture and Maidan square are famous all over the world. Kyiv is a charming romantic place, a vibrant modern metropolis where the living is extremely cheerful and pleasant.  It’s also important to know that the Chornobyl nuclear power station is located not far from the city, so you will have a chance to see the largest abandoned territory on the planet.

Kyiv main statue - symbol of Independence. Maidan square. 5 reasons to visit Ukraine

Kyiv main statue – symbol of Independence. Maidan square


Kyiv, st. Andrew Church. 5 reasons to visit Ukraine

Kyiv, st. Andrew Church


6. Bonus for you – Kyiv Subway system. Read more here.