3 best music festivals of different styles

Written by Admin on 15th December 2016

Even if summer finally comes, the range of music festivals starts all over the Europe. Lviv and Western Ukraine are the best places to get started. Whether you’re looking for ethno infused Ukrainian rock, mind-warping psychedelic metal, medieval feast and fair, the enchanting notes of indie, or jazz groove, there are festivals in West Ukraine just for you! Join us and share these explosive, upbeat, trash, full of joy, happiness, true emotions and overwhelming love and passion days. Appreciate the company of musicians from different countries and thousands of such fans as you are.

Festivals show us how culture unites people of different statuses, age etc., but with the same aesthetic taste. Be sure – summertime is indeed festival time: hot summer sun, amazing concerts and that feeling of everlasting freedom. It’s the perfect time for a break from a city. Just pack your bags and run away to the music world:) Make a choice and we will make your acquaintance with Ukraine an it music culture completely comfortable and unforgettable.

Visiting festivals you can not only listen to the music, but also participate in different workshops in folk arts (for kids and adults), rope-jumping (in Kamianets-Podilskyi e.g.), numerous competitions and challenges – don’t miss a chance to learn something really new, interesting and authentic (national dishes making, wool weaving, embroidery, arts Petrykivka decorative painting as a phenomenon of the Ukrainian ornamental folk art, dressed tournaments etc.)

Music lovers will love both the ambiance of the places with breathtaking nature  as well as the talent of artists.  Here are top-5 Ukrainian best music festivals:


Looking for the best rock festivals in Ukraine? Zahid is one of them; it unites people of different age and the same passion – music.

You will have a rest enjoying picturesque nature, good company, spirit of Western Ukraine and, of course, dozens of talented musicians who are ready to share their positive emotions and creativity to everyone.


Festival “RESPUBLICA” is a festival of contemporary street art. In Kamianets-Podilskyi, near the historic fortress of the XIV century, are located 5 stages, where take place performances of the best Ukrainian and foreign artists. The best street artists come to paint the houses in sleeping and depressive parts of the city. Talented youth has the opportunity to perform their skills. The festival is not in song frames. You will see stunning dances, videos and art-pictures.


This festival has special power, because Europe confides “Faine misto” like the best Ukrainian festival. Because such events are very important for the union of Ukrainian and European cultures. It is no matter what you have color of skin, which you have religion and what political mind. Festivals are cultural events, that wipes off the boundaries.

“Faine misto” shows Ukrainian soul, our principles and mentality. The atmosphere will impress you. Spend some days under the sky and connect with nature. Feel beat of music in your heart. You don`t need to understand every word, because melodies will fill you up. “Faine misto” triggers only bright emotions and adrenaline. Just imagine, how a few thousand people jump and sing favourite songs with one voice.