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Eurovision is a great and bright singing competition that will impress you. Every nation has special song, that show their culture, thoughts and principles. Be ready to open new pages and dive in Diversity – our similarities and differences, that make us unique. Listen songs, support your country and enjoy the particular atmosphere of Ukrainian Eurovision, as it is placed this year in the hear of Ukraine – Kyiv (Kiev).
We have crafted for you a vivid agenda during all Eurovision days which will immerce you into local history&cutlure, give you a precise feeling of the country and inspire you for a year ahead and more. Only with us you will touch Ukraine and expereince the largest song contest in the world at the utmost high level.
For any changes in the proposed tour agenda or if you have some other plans/desires/need just follow this link or direclty contact us.

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Pick-up and Welcome. Meeting with your TouchUkraine guide. Hotel check-in.
Sounds of Kyiv metropolis are being easily absorbed by the gorgeous greenery belt which wraps the city thanks to dozens of parks, woods and the chain of untouched wild islands on the Dnipro river in the very heart of the urban dwellings.

Some hours before Eurovision take a guided tour along the city’s major landmarks and attractions. Visit the main place of Kyiv - Maidan of Independence where the Euromaidan Revolution took place in 2013-2014. Learn more about the environmental challenges at the National Chernobyl Museum.

Drink tasty coffee on the main street Khreshchatyk.

Welcome to heart of reunion of European nations - Eurovision song contest.



Have lunch at a cheesecake factory "Tres Francais".

Have tour of UNESCO-listed site Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra - the monumental enormous town monastery and the saint place of the Orthodoxy full of ancient churches, bell towers and chapels.
Visit the only in the world Museum of Microminiature where you can see for instance the portrait of Ernest Hemingway placed on the cut of a pear grain.
Guided tour via saint Andrew Church - a masterpiece of the famous Rastrelli architect and Andriyivskyi descent - an art gallery and handicraft souvenirs street.

Lunch at bakery-cafe.

Take a look at the picturesque and magnificent nature of Ukraine! Enjoy the landscapes and fresh air!
After having rest and eating, we go to the Sofia park in Uman! It's the best arboretum facility in Ukraine, with cozy alleys, lakes and nice tiny sources.
After all, you'll be taken to VDNG - large soviet exhibition zone. There is a lot of space to bike, and of course, there are ready paths and trails ( such as "routes of health ".) In addition, you can get easily from there to the Space Observatory, Museum of Folk Architecture (the largest skansen in Ukraine), "Feofaniya" Park, Holosiivskiy forest etc.



Visit Pinchuk Art Center - the most prestigious museum of modern art in Ukraine which boasts well appreciated exhibitions by world art critics.
World War II museum - tour to the peak of the large statue of Victory along with inspirational opportunity to touch to real samples of military equipment and to enjoy the picturesque views from the slopes of the Dnipro.

Landscape alley - amazing walkway which embodies all the brightness and infinity of human`s creativity. It is a place where Kiev Bohemia hangouts.
Dinner at thematic Soviet Ukraine styled restaurant "Spotykach".

Spend your evening in lovely sounds of international songs. Enjoy every melody and word.


12 MAY: Pyrohiv openair museum

Breakfast at a hotel.
Trip to Pyrohiv - a village near of Kyiv, which is a home to an outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, where hundreds of old wooden churches, houses, windmills and other buildings are concentrated to reproduce the 18 century Ukrainian villages. You can immerse into the folk life of previous generations and visit local festivals which usually take place there.

Yacht Dnipro river sightseeing tour across large wild river islands and backwaters - largest among all European cities. You will dive into the green lungs of the capital of Ukraine and breathe the freshness of nature.
Or you can choose a bird watching on the Dnipro river and observe the nicest nooks of Kyiv wildfire.

Have a dinner in Kyiv at Crimean Tartar restaurant "Musafir"(the winner of Eurovision 2016 was Crimean Tatar. Crimean Tartars is a specific ethnic group of Turkic origin who for a long time live in Crimea, Ukraine and have a tasty mix of eastern cuisines.


13 MAY: The most expected event of spring - Eurovision. Ukrainian atmospere.

Everything in city screams abour Eurovision. Metro, buses, umbrellas, bags are in colour and pattern of event - logo based on a Ukrainian bead necklace called Namysto. The Eurovision Song Contest The main theme of Eurovisin is based on a crucial idea of understanding and respect for the diversity of life. The opening ceremony will be on the area of St. Sophia Cathedral(that serve like museum nowadays).
On the left Bank, in the international exhibition center in Kiev will happen the Europian holiday of singing. Enjoy all appearances of different countries. Atmosphere of Eurovision is special and unrepeatable, 11 thouthand of public. All nations want to give supporte and love to their singer. Taste diversity of cultures.



Visit Zhashkiv where one of the biggest horse ranches and one of the best equestrian centers of Ukraine is situated. The center occupies the huge area, there are stables, pastures, riding halls and also hotel, restaurants, bowling, sauna and children room. In Zhashkiv they raise and train pedigreed horses, carry on performances and sports competitions in jumping and dressing-out on a regular basis.
During the excursion you will see the whole territory of the centre and learn about breeding and training of luxury horses breeds.
After delicious lunch we will move to the Buky village. Be sure, you will see beautiful views and landscapes! Buky Canyon is also known as “a little Norway”, because some places there remind travelers breathtaking Norway fjords. Everyone has its own associations but the sites are really great. It is situated on the Hirskyi Tikych river. In the evening we will walk or ride around the canyon. There is also a rapid waterfall “Vyr” next to the Buky canyon entrance. Also, you will see the ruins of watermill of XIX century.



Take a safe specialized tour to Chernobyl Exclusive Zone and experience by your own eyes the effects of the largest man-made catastrophe in the human history.
You will see:
- a fully buried village of Kopachi with a remaining kindergarten;
- a decontaminated Red Forest at place of the first and worst radioactive fall-out;
- the largest ghost town in the world Pripyat populated by 50 thousand people before the evacuation;
- abandoned hotels, town hall, blocks of apartments and schools
- the Sarcophagus and the New Safe Confinement ("Arch") – an observation point at a 300 m distance;
- cooling towers of the Chernobyl 3rd reactor and many others unique sites which cannot be found anywhere else.
Besides all mentioned, Chernobyl zone is also a reservation of the Soviet Union - which quite impressive and touching.

Have a lunch at a local canteen where workers of confinement and the zone usually eat.
Return to Kyiv. Dinner at a Ukrainian national restaurant "Taras Bulba".

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Accord Premier Hotel Rus

Accord Premier Hotel Rus

It is a legendary hotel, built in before Olympic games 1980 in the very center of Kyiv to serve as a host place for internatioanl sportsmen and tourists.
The Hotel clambered upon a hill in the very heart of the business and tourist districts of the capital. The famous artery street - Khreshchatyk - is just few steps away. Palats Sportu metro station is located near-by, and the Hotel offers the views of the Olympic Stadium - the main sports arena in Kyiv.
More details: http://www.booking.com/hotel/ua/rus.html

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