5 famous artistic and cultural places in Kyiv

Written by Roman Melnyk on 09th February 2017

Art places in Kiev? Cultural places in Ukraine? Free museums and gorgeous exhibitions? Here we will provide top-5 cultural places to visit in Kiev in 2017 which will fill the gap in your mind when you are looking for European level art facilities in Kyiv (Kiev).

Kyiv hosts some great performances in a variety of fields, starting with opera or ballet and ending with provocative modern art halls. We’ve prepared for you a list of major art sites in Kiev, so you wouldn’t miss anything worthy:


National Cultural-Art Museum Complex was founded by the president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko ( 2005-2010). This project was highly significant for the development of modern art of the whole Ukraine and even Eastern Europe. This art-platform has deep sense not only for famous artists, but for beginners too. They have enough free comfort space to express their minds and creativity. The artists can even meet there and discuss with colleagues . In the result of the common work they have lots of practical ideas how to develop and modernize our culture. Every week there are expositions, concerts and discussions or specified hi-tech presentations. This place is a lovely one for all age categories and social groups of Kyivm and it serves as a uniting pot under one roof.

2) Goethe Institute

The main direction of work in the cultural sphere is the teamwork between two countries: Ukraine and Germany. Youth and creative people are ready to find new relations in Europe and develop culture of each other. Our nations are different and our common work is very useful. In this center German and Ukrainian artists create, make presentations, theater performances and support interesting initiatives. Here is the center of the German language and all events are directed on the rapprochement of both sides. German youth teaches our young people some advise and artifices. This institute improves our cultural level. This place is unique, where is open space for communication and creation.

3) Pinchuk Art Centre

Pinchuk Art Centre is the main art-room and exhibition hall in Kyiv, founded by Ukrainian oligarch, who is trying to whiten his doubtful businesses with investing in arts and culture. We can definitely tell you, that he is quite successful on a way of associating with museums and philanthropy instead of fraud and illegal enriching during 90s and 2000s.
The Pinchuk Art Center is considered to be one of the few most modern and expensive in Europe, with lots of money invested into latest modern artists’ exhibitions.
There are also often exhibitions presented by local Ukrainians artists, who were selected, taught and financially supported by the Pinchuk Foundation.

So we highly appreciate your interest in this story and warmly invite you to visit PinchukArtCentre –  a new Mecca of conceptual art on European terrain. By the way, the entrance fee is free, that is a nice bonus from the founder – Viktor Pinchuk (who is the son-in-law of the former authoritarian president of Ukraine – Leonid Kuchma).

4) Brucie Collections

This gallery was opened in 2008, and is specialized in modern photography.

Classic photo reportage, shocking promotional pictures, black and white series of works “nude” mystical documentary landscapes – these and many other pieces of photography art you will find in the gallery. Each of the photographs, each author certainly deserves your attention. Most of the works in Brucie Collections are presented for sale.

The collection features photos by Sebastiao Salgado, Helmut Newton, Albert Watson, Leni Riefenstahl, Howard Schatz, as well as works by the best local artists.


5) Murals of Kyiv

Kyiv as rather a noisy city is full of parks and eye-catching greenery, though a lot of soviet type 100 meters high blocks of flats looks not so appealingly friendly. Kyiv features dozens of “sleeping districts” which were build during USSR to serve as a quarters of workers, who were in the city on military plants and large soviet factories. Nowadays, a middle class usually leaves there, but the buildings are still the same – high, grey and soviet. That’s why a wave of creating murals all over Kiev disrupted. There are already a hundred of murals, each of them quite particular and artistic. We suggest you to pick some of the guided tours with TouchUkraine and discover mural history of Kyiv.