Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine

Written by Roman Melnyk on 23rd January 2017

Nature in Ukraine is unique and untouched, with rich flora and fauna. Let’s go to Ukraine and have familiarity with Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine. Such nature gives people quiet, calm and harmony with their inner world. Have a tour to Ukraine and reunite with miracles of nature. Open riddles of Ukrainian nature. The beauty of Ukrainian land impresses.Visit first miracle Askania-Nova is a unitary clout of soil, which never was touched by plough. This biosphere reserve is located in Kherson Oblast. The reserve consists of a zoological park, a dendrological garden, and an open territory of untouched prairies. In the wildlife area you can meet,llamas, wild horses, bison, antelopes, ostriches, many bird species and zebras. During 1885 – 1902. More than 300 species of foliaceous and coniferous plants were imported from different parts of our Planet and pricked off in the dendrologic garden.The Second Miracle. Granite-steppe lands of Bug is a landscape park in the north-west of Mykolaiv Oblast in Ukraine. Majestic granite rocks sometimes reaching 40-50 m tall. The river rapids, waterfalls and Islands. This is a real mountain landscape in the Ukrainian steppe… Go to one of the oldest land masses of Eurasia, which was not immersed in the depths of the sea for over 60 million years. There is a big number of unique objects of nature – relict and endemic species. Here identified 86 species of flora and fauna listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and European Red List.Third Wonder. The Dniester flows in a canyon(valley), forming a lot of weird twists – meanders. Nature of the Dniester canyon is distinctive. There are about 100 monuments of nature of global importance on a territory, there are unique standards of exfoliation of rocks. On the Dniester mountains approach so close to the river, that form the canyon, the channel of which flows the river. Rock outcrops on the Dniester, so-called “wall” – the monuments of nature, there are no similar phenomenons in the world. In your trip to Ukraine touch to famous worldwide denudation (sec. Wall and S. Trubchyn Buchach, Borshchiv district), which contain ancient fossil remains pieces of flora and fauna, which have about 500 million years.The Fourth Miracle. The most valuable treasure of Ukrainian Carpathians is a lake Synevyr. There is one sad legend about creation of this natural miracle. Once upon a time daughter of one rich count fell in love with poor boy. Her father organized the death of her lover. Girl cried on this place a lot of days and nights. From her tears was formed the lake Synevyr. In reality lake was formed in after glacial period, 10 000 years ago. Depth of Synevyr is 8-10 meters. Water in the lake is clean and transparent. But in your Carpathians tour you cannot swim here, because temperature of Synevyr reach 11-13 °С.

The Fifth Miracle. Tovtry are remains of coastal reefs located parallel to the ancient shoreline. There are no analogues in the whole world. Open wild nature of Ukraine and have a stroll on the boat along a river. Watch birds and rare types of plants. Podilsky part of Tovtry is the most undulating part. Podilski Tovtry is the stock of mineral waters with unique therapeutic effects, various brine that have high concentrations of bromine, iodine. In your tour of Ukraine you can not only enjoy the originality of nature, but also improve your health.

The sixth Wonder. Svitiaz is the second biggest lake of Ukraine. The area of Svitiaz is 2622 hectares, maximum depth – 58,4 meters. This lake has outlandish attractive power. Go into crystal clear water and feel, how gladness fill up your heart. Along all coastline grow trees. In summer, you can inspire heady aroma of needles. In your Ukrainian tour exactly on Svitiaz you can to gather by your own hands and eat ecological clean bilberries, blackberries and some mushrooms. This lake makes healthy every person, magical atmosphere will remove your stress and bad thoughts. Svitiaz is unique in his chemical structure. Try healing and medicinal property. Relax on little island in the middle of the lake.

The seventh Miracle. Oleshkivska desert – the biggest sandy massif of Europe. Just imagine 200 hectares of sandy sea, that hide a lot of secrets on the bottom. The desert appeared in ХІХ century. There were flocks of sheep. All grass was eaten by them. Consequence, there left only sand. The array consist of 7 spaces. The highest peak reaches 20 meters. In the deep 300-400 is located fresh, underground lake with delicious water. Among the desert is one of the unique natural creations – oasis. In Ukrainian tour listen interesting legend from locals. In times of Cossack(Kozaky) well-known Ukrainian ataman Ivan Sirko spent the time in ritual of initiation – he lived without water and food during one month. Have active time among hot Ukrainian desert and slide down the sand drift.