3 steps to calm and relax in Carpathians

Written by Roman Melnyk on 19th January 2017

Carpathians are the green lungs of Ukraine. The most beautiful and untouchable nature is here.Open mystery of long life of peasants. Learn our ancient traditions, that our grand-grandparents keep. Feel , smell and touch the nature. We will tell you why in your tour to Ukraine you have to choose Carpathians and what to do in the mountains for have energy and power.

1 step. 

For have unforgettable trip to Ukraine have guide, who will show you the most interesting places ever.

Carpathians are so beautiful, that you will calm your breath.

Our people are very hospitable. They are always ready to regale you with their best dishes. Kitchen of Carpathians is very delicious and special. White gold of our mountains are cheese and vine. Learn details of producing , and try to make cheese with local mistress.

Hutsuls ( local people) are famed for their farms . Every day they expend their time to take care of cattle and kitchen, children and garden. Feel spirit of hutsul’s life and live one day, like them. In the evening enjoy warm get together , see fireside and sing Ukrainian songs.

2 step.

Active rest. In the mountains you can be active as in winter as in summer. Ukraine tours in winter provide for  ski. Welcome to “Bukovel” and have fun on the different of complexity ski lines. Feel frosty air and get supply of energy.

Relax in Ukrainian bath, appreciate hot steam and smell of oil.

Active rest summer Carpathians are green, sunny and refreshing. Cycling will relax you and you will see all beauty of Ukrainian Carpathians.

Meaning rafting includes many things. This is adrenalin rush during descent to the rapid mountain river, and also test every extreme sport lover’s endurance and speed of reaction. The important thing is instructor who has many descents and who is the leader in rafting. He is the one who will help to any participant during travel.

Firstly, rafting attracts people who can’t lead relaxed lifestyle. If you can’t stay for a long at one place, then rafting is for you. This is what take you out from home, provide you with emotions, strengthen health, gives more power and energy and lift up the mood. Secondly, rafting attracts people for its sense of unity with the nature, helps to understand and to feel the surrounding beauty through joy and adrenaline.

3 step.

Make your experience incredible. Enslave the highest mountain of Ukraine – Hoverla (2 061 m.)
Have guided Ukrainian tour on the most beautiful mountain range – Chornohora.
The Chornohora, which means Black Mountain, is the highest mountain unit of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The length of the massif is 40 kilometers; it contains a 20-kilometre-long section whose average elevation is 2000m. Visit the ruins of the Polish Astronomical Observatory on the summit of Pip Ivan also remind us of the bygone days.
Mountains is the unique place, where you can relax, let go your bad thoughts and mood. Breath on full lungs and
Feel the freedom. See picturesque views and create something – picture, dream or idea. Open your mind and sense.